Wedding Gown Cleaning & Preservation

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Your wedding is one of the most important occasions in your life. Why not preserve your gown for generations to come?

Parkway Custom Drycleaning is the one of North America’s foremost experts on bridal gown cleaning, preservation, and restoration. We have been gently hand-cleaning and air-drying gowns since 1926. Our dedication to excellence and experience serving many of the nations’ leading bridal gown boutiques and department stores has prepared us to care for many types of styles and designs – from vintage to ultra-contemporary.

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Dry Cleaning Gowns
Parkway uses a very gentle odorless organic solution that is especially effective on beads, sequins, lace, trims and vintage fabric.

The processes we have developed have been employed here for decades, and the combined bridal gown cleaning experience of our spotting and finishing staff is now approaching 50 years. Even gowns with unserviceable embellishments and trims have been cleaned well.

Wedding Gown Cleaning

All gowns are hand cleaned, air-dried and hand ironed. The veil and headpiece are hand spotted and cleaned as required.

Each gown is inspected several times throughout our process. The condition of the fabric is studied, difficult stains are tested, and nuances like bows, pleating and overlayers are noted and addressed. Each gown is given the unique attention that it so rightly deserves.

Many stains such as hem soil, yellow spillage, “invisible stains”, and general discoloration are often not removable by drycleaning. It is only then that we consider wet cleaning as an option.

Wet Cleaning Gowns
Wet cleaning is a water-based restoration method. The gown is bathed by hand with a neutral organic detergent designed specifically for fragile fabrics. The above-mentioned stains usually respond well to wet cleaning by this method. Only a well-trained staff should attempt this method, however, as shrinkage and significant texture changes can result if this method is attempted by an inexperienced organization. Parkway has been wet cleaning gowns for decades, and the results are usually extraordinary!

Restoring Second and Third Generation Gowns
Restoring gowns to their original state is part of the magic we perform. Weakness of fibers due to age, improper storage, staining, perspiration and light exposure are concerns that need to be recognized, and our experienced staff has several techniques to address these areas and bring a gown back to life.

With mutual understanding and our ability, we can often resurrect a disregarded gem for the next generation.

Restyling & Alterations

The couture-quality seamstresses at Parkway Drycleaning can do it all from minor alterations to restyling a gown.

Whether it is creating a new bustle for you, adding lace, applying new beading and ornamentation, restyling a gown, or performing a minor alteration, our couture-quality seamstresses can do it. With decades of experience, they will personally tend to all your needs. There may be a basting, a fitting or two, and then a final appointment – we’ll do whatever is required to make you look your best!

Cost of Cleaning & Preservation
Wedding gown prices are based on many factors, including the length of the train, the fabric, the cleaning method used and the design. The heavily beaded and ornate gowns are more challenging, and are priced accordingly. The cost of our services typically ranges from $300 – $900 or more for cleaning & restoration and $95 for the boxing and preservation. As discussed above, our methods are very different than most cleaners, as we hand clean, pre- and post- spot, and gently hand finish all gowns in order to preserve the color, texture, and size of your investment. Our careful attention to detail is why Washingtonian magazine named us “Best Area Drycleaner.”

Preservation & Boxing
Wedding gown preservation boxYour gown will be preserved in an archival quality pH-neutral preservation box and surrounded with acid-free tissue.

A picture is taken, a final checklist is completed to assure that all the accessories are included and information is attached for the care and storage of your treasure. The preservation box is not permanently sealed as it is recommended that you check your gown periodically and carefully re-fold it so as not to create permanent creases. We suggest that your hands be clean and free of oils when you inspect your gown and we provide inspection gloves that you should wear when if and when you touch your gown in the future. We recommend that you have your box re-tissued with fresh acid free tissue every five years or so, which we can do for you for a nominal fee.

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