Seasonal Storage

Parkway has been offering storage of off-season garments in our temperature and humidity controlled vault for decades. Our seasonal storage service is used by many of our customers to preserve and protect their wardrobe in the off-season, or to help them manage their clothing inventory when they have limited storage or hanging space of their own. Our method of cleaning and storing your precious items in the off season is the only effective method to protect your clothing and fine fabrics from possible insect damage and stain oxidation.

Our seasonal storage service includes the cleaning of your garments to remove all stains and food particles that might attract insects, storing these garments in specially designed storage containers in our vault kept at a very low temperature to protect from insect infiltration, and then the pressing, finishing, and return of these garments when it is once again the season for this wardrobe.

Most of our customers use our seasonal storage service in the spring and summer to preserve their fine winter woolen garments – suits, sweaters, slacks and skirts, as well as their furs, requesting their items back in the Fall. And many use this service to store their summer and lightweight clothing to prevent damage to silk garments over the winter months, as well.

Insect damage is the most common problem among fine woolens. Many of the garments you wear in cold weather becomes cooler often contain some form of wool, whether it be lambswool, cashmere, angora, mohair or camel. Once the temperature rises above 40 degrees n a regular basis, insects and especially moths can threaten your wardrobe. Please refer to our Moth Fact Sheet for more information on this popular culprit. Off-site storage is effective because your garments are carefully stored in boxes or on hangers (in the case of furs) in our cold storage vault, designed for this very purpose. Note that we control not only the temperature but the humidity, which is important to guarantee the proper preservation of your items.

While some of our customers only ask us to store their clothing, it is highly recommended that you first have us clean your garments before storage begins in order to remove any food or other stains that can attract insects. Of course the removal of stains before storage is much easier when they are fresh and not had an opportunity to set and become permanent.

We can often place up to 20 items in each storage container, and we offer a discount on the cleaning of all of your garments to be stored when you prepay for the cleaning and storage fee. Please call our store for more details.

Fur Storage:

It is extremely important to properly clean and store your furs in the off-season in order to maximize their useful life. For best results, all furs should be stored on hangers in a temperature and humidity controlled storage vault like ours. More information about the care and storage of furs can be found in our Fur Cleaning & Storage section.

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