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Dry Cleaning Pickup & Delivery Service in Washington, DC, Montgomery County, MD and Northern VA

Parkway Custom Drycleaning has been serving the most discriminating clientele in the metro Washington DC area since our founding in 1926. And we have been offering dry cleaning pick-up and delivery in Washington, DC, Montgomery County, MD and Northern VA for decades.

Consider using Parkway’s pick-up & delivery service for all your cleaning needs – not only for shirt laundry and drycleaning, but we also can pick up and deliver table linens and bedding including sheet sets and comforters, wedding gowns, leathers, suedes, furs, patio cushions, fine oriental carpets and area rugs, and window treatments as well – drapes, blinds and cornices… and we can even take down and rehang your curtains and shades, as well.

How Our Dry Cleaning Pickup & Delivery Service Works

Save valuable time and money with Parkway Custom Drycleaning’s pick-up and delivery service. If this is your first time using our service, here’s how you can schedule a drycleaning pickup and delivery:

  • To Schedule a Pickup: We offer two easy options to schedule a pickup with us. You can either call us at 301-768-7658, or click on the “Schedule a Pickup” link at the top of this page. If you are a new customer you can either self-register through the pick-up link or a member of our team will be happy to create an account and schedule your first Pickup for you.

    For user-generated Pickups, our software allows you to upload photos and provide detailed notes and instructions (such as repair requests) which our customer service staff will then see when they write up your order.


  • Pickup: On the scheduled day, our team will arrive at your address to pick up your clothes and other items for cleaning and/or repair. Please note we usually pick up and deliver between 11am-6pm on weekdays. You can call in around 10:30 the morning of the scheduled visit, and we can provide you with a 2-hour pickup or delivery window in case you want to be home when our driver arrives. Most of our customers provide us with a delivery location (front door, back door, front desk in buildings, etc.) where the items for cleaning and the returned items can be left in case they are out. We realize this is not always possible, which is why we can provide the 2 hour window to you on the day of the visit.


  • Delivery: For best results, we typically ask for 1 week to return your items. Our delicate hand spotting and hand finishing process may take a little extra time. That said, we can almost always turn around items faster than a week when needed and requested. Please note that we do ask for a bit more time for specialty items such as curtains and blinds, wedding gowns, patio cushions, area rugs, reweaves, leathers, suedes and furs.

    Our state-of-the-art software will text you with a reminder the night before your pick-up and delivery. Within your account, items being delivered back to you can be viewed.

Our Pickup & Delivery Works For All Our Services

Our pickup & delivery service at Parkway Custom Drycleaning applies to all the services we provide, including:

  • Dry Cleaning
  • Shirt Laundry
  • Table & Bed Linen Cleaning
  • Drapery & Blind Cleaning
  • Alterations & Repairs
  • Wedding Dress Cleaning & Preservation
  • Area Rug Cleaning & Repair
  • Leather & Suede Cleaning
  • Fur Cleaning & Climate-controlled Storage
  • Patio Cushion Cleaning
  • Leather Purse & Handbag Cleaning
  • Shoe Cleaning & Repair
  • Down Jacket & Coat Cleaning – Burberry, Canada Goose and Moncler are true specialties

Try Our Pickup & Delivery Service Today!

Our Pickup and Delivery in Washington DC and most DC Metro areas we service comes with a minimum of $20 cleaning order or a $50 alterations-only order (when no cleaning is being done). Orders below the minimum will be marked up to the minimum fee. A small $2.50 delivery fee (round trip) is currently being applied to pickup and delivery orders.

To schedule a Pickup, please click on the link at the top of this page, or call us at 301-768-7658. If this is your first time you can either self-register through the pick-up link on our website, or a member of our team will be happy to create an account and schedule your first Pickup for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I create an account and manage my service online?

Absolutely! Creating an account is easy, and you can manage your pickups, deliveries, and preferences conveniently from your phone or computer. Click here to register online and schedule your first Pickup!

What days of the week are you in my area?

We deliver to many parts of Montgomery County and Washington DC every weekday, and Northern Virginia three times a week. To see when we are in your area, please review our Delivery Zone Chart.

Is the pickup & delivery service available for both home and office locations?

Yes, we pickup from homes and offices every day, and we service numerous apartment, condominium and office buildings throughout Metro DC. Many of our customers provide pickup and drop off locations (front door, back porch, or front desk for clients in buildings, for example), and they leave their dry cleaning for our driver to pick up so they can get on with their busy day.

Can I set up a regular weekly or even twice-weekly pickup & delivery service?

Absolutely! We serve numerous clients on a regular basis so they don’t have to schedule their own Will Call pickup each time. Many of our regular customers with a weekly cleaning set up weekly or twice-weekly pickup and delivery service so they don’t have to call us or schedule a pickup through their Parkway phone or desktop link. And our service isn’t just for shirt laundry and drycleaning – we have many customers who have us clean their duvets, comforters, sheets and pillow cases each week so they enjoy clean, professionally pressed bed linens throughout the year.

For households with significant regular cleaning needs, we can visit two times per week. For example, we can pick up on Monday and return your items on a Thursday, picking up new items for cleaning that will then be returned back the following Monday Or Tuesday – Friday service can work as well, depending on your delivery zone.

Does Parkway offer “Will Call” Pickup and Delivery service for customers with occasional cleaning or repair and alteration needs?

Yes, we have many customers set up on a “Will Call” basis. We understand that not all customers need shirt laundry and dry cleaning on a regular weekly basis. We offer our “Will Call” service for those with more occasional needs. Whether it is cleaning your favorite suit, a tuxedo or ball gown, a comforter or blanket, area rug, fine oriental, leather, fur, patio cushions or drapes and blinds that don’t need regular cleaning, Parkway Custom Drycleaning is here for you! You can call us at 301-768-7658 or click on the “Schedule a Pickup” link above whenever the need arises.


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