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Parkway receives America’s Best Cleaners Award for the Washington Metro Area

Dallas TX: Parkway Custom Drycleaning has been selected as the “Best Drycleaner” in the Washington DC metro area by America’s Best Cleaners. Jon Simon, owner of Parkway Custom Drycleaning accepted this honor at an awards banquet given at the Hotel Zaza in Dallas, Texas on February 6th.

Parkway Custom Drycleaning recieved America's Best Cleaners Award.

America’s Best Cleaners is the national organization that strives to locate and recognize the best dry cleaning establishments in the major metropolitan areas throughout the United States. To be selected as one of America’s Best Cleaners, a company is first subjected to a rigorous screening process.

Each of the “Best Drycleaner” Award recipients have distinguished themselves by providing exceptional quality work (including advanced stain removal and restoration capabilities, finishing, and packaging factors), holding a dominant market share in its niche, and delivering exceptional customer service. Part of the selection process also requires recognition as an exceptional service institution by nationally renowned designers, department stores and boutiques.

America’s Best Cleaners is also breaking ground by forming partnerships with designers and upscale retailers, in order to clean and restore garments, and to test new designs prior to market introduction. Additionally, America’s Best Cleaners award recipients seek to be the trusted “caretakers” of the fashionable, delicate, and specialty garments sold by these high-end retailers. Ed D’Elicio, a former dry cleaner, recognized industry consultant, and Director of America’s Best Cleaners states, “America’s Best Cleaners are being proactive in their efforts to work with the manufacturers and designers of the clothes they clean for their customers.”

Since 1926, Parkway Custom Drycleaning has been the preferred quality cleaner for many of Washington’s finest retailers and most discriminating clientele. Parkway also has developed a special expertise in restoration and delicate care. Parkway offers a full range of cleaning and restoration services, couture quality alterations, leather and fur care and remodeling, reweaving, cleaning of fine Orientals and area rugs, household linens, and on-site cleaning of draperies and window treatments. Clients include numerous embassies, national institutions such as the White House, Kennedy Center, and Smithsonian Institution, most of the upscale department stores and boutiques in the Washington area, politicians, athletes, correspondents, service professionals, and of course discriminating clientele who want to be serviced by one of “America’s Best.”

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