Reweaving is the most “invisible” form of repair you can get. Most commonly, reweaving is used to repair moth holes or puncture marks in fine wool suits. Because it is extremely difficult and time consuming, the cost is significantly more than a normal mend, but well worth it, especially when it comes to the repair of a treasured wool jacket or pair of slacks.

Reweaving and invisible repair

Parkway specializes in French Reweaving. This is the technique of weaving thread-by-thread to virtually close and fill in a missing area of fabric. In order to have a garment rewoven by this method, the area in question must be a hole surrounded by strong fabric to anchor the weave on all four sides.

‘L’ shaped tears and rips as well as holes on knit weaves cannot typically be rewoven by this method. Sometimes the In-Weave technique can be used for these larger repairs if you have a section of fabric that can be used to cover the entire area. Once the patch of fabric is woven over the damaged area, you may see a shift in the weave at the point of connection.

Our reweaving specialist can work with almost any fabric and pattern, adding years of life to special garments and fabrics.

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