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A good seamstress is hard to find. We are very proud of our seamstresses and our alterations department. They can do everything from simple repairs to complicated re-styling and couture quality fittings for clothing and wedding gowns. Like our dry cleaning, most repairs are done by hand. As usual, handwork is time consuming and a bit more expensive, but it will yield optimal results.

Our seamstresses are available Monday – Friday 8:30 am – 1:30 pm. No appointment is necessary except for bridal gown alterations. However, we suggest calling ahead if you have more than 3 items for alterations to minimize your wait time.

For bridal gown alterations and fittings, please call our store to schedule an appointment, as we want to be sure we have a seamstress who is available and can reserve a block of time to work with you.

Regarding Repairs – Our goal is to return all garments to you in “ready to wear” condition. If the finished garment we deliver to you is missing a button or a hem is open, it is not ready to wear. Some minor repairs are done with our compliments, but more involved repairs may require a charge.

We usually ask our customers if we can place a repair limit on their account – usually $25. This repair limit gives us your pre-approval to take care of repairs up to the pre-designated. A repair limit helps us provide you with the best and most efficient service, saves on phone calls back and forth, and prevents potential delays.

Lastly, we are pleased to offer our pick-up and delivery service when you only need an item or two altered and not cleaned, but we do require a minimum charge of $50 for alterations-only pick-ups. If the total of all the alterations-only pick-ups is below the minimum, we will mark up the total delivery to the $50 minimum fee. (But we won’t charge this fee if the items to be altered are picked up with other items for cleaning at the same time.)

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