Drapery & Blind Cleaning

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Whether you have simple window treatments, Hunter Douglas blinds, or more complex ensembles such as balloon or roman shades, swags, valances or cornices, our staff can do the job. We have cleaned and restored draperies, blinds, and window treatments for the White House, Ford’s Theater, the Pentagon, as well as numerous embassies and public institutions. We can also clean drapes and blinds hanging in private homes and offices without removing them. Please refer to our On-Site Drape Cleaning section for more information about in-home and office cleaning.

We offer take down and rehang services or complimentary pickup and delivery in our service area if you prefer to take down the window treatments yourself.

Our staff is experienced with all fabrics, sizings and designs. We can clean valances and cornices on the board – no need for expensive disassembly and re-assembly with our processes, and we can also re-string and repair even the most complicated window treatment or shade.

Drape cleaning in Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland

It is recommended that your drapes and window treatments be cleaned approximately every five years. Stains that are not addressed relatively quickly can oxidize and permanently discolor the fabric. Dust, smoke, furnace and fireplace soot as well as oily particles can shorten the life of your window treatments and, if not removed, can contribute to air contamination in the home or office.

Drape Care Tips:
Pay special attention to draperies on the south side of your home. They take the most abuse from the sun and they can be damaged very quickly. A yearly visual examination away from the window or incandescent light will help you see the fading. Sheers reduce direct sunlight damage and can be valuable protection against weakening fibers that accompany direct sun exposure.

Keep draperies away from windows with heavy condensation or water leaks. Pay special attention to this condition during the wintertime and at the start of the “spring thaw”. Water damage can be restored up to a point, but it is better to avoid it altogether if possible.

If you choose to take down your own draperies to save time or to paint, etc., remember to label which window they are from, if it is a left or right panel and how the pins are situated. It is easier for our contractor during reinstallation if you have all of this data available to him. Remove all pins to avoid snagging and tearing while the drapes are being transported.

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