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Thank you for visiting our site and choosing to experience the “Parkway Difference.” We deliver to most of the metro area, including the District of Columbia, much of Montgomery Country and Northern Virginia. Please check our Delivery Zone Chart for the days our drivers are in your area. Then, please complete the form below with your preferences and special instructions. After all, “custom” is in our name!

If you prefer, you are welcome to call us at 301-652-3377 and have a Parkway representative set up your account and arrange for a Pickup.

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Customize Your Parkway Experience

Mens Laundered Shirts:

Packaging: On HangerFolded & Boxed
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Repairs - We have two excellent seamstresses who can mend and alter your garments. If we find minor repairs on any of your items such as a hole in a sweater or a fallen hem, may we go ahead and fix them without calling provided the repair is less than $25?:
YesNo, please call for permission.

Item Location - If you are not home when we arrive, please tell us where our driver will find your bag to be picked up, and also where he can leave your cleaned items at delivery: (Front door, side door, front desk, etc.):

Special Instructions - We have built our reputation on service and would be happy to place special instructions or preferences (such as 'never crease slacks') in your file. Please indicate any special instructions below:

Initial Pickup Request

Pickups and deliveries are available on certain weekdays, depending on your address. Please check our Delivery Zone Chart for the days we are in your area.

Pickup requests by website submission should be made THE DAY BEFORE your desired pickup date whenever possible. If you have an urgent need or would prefer to call in your request, please call us at 301-652-3377. We can often accommodate same-day phone requests, especially if they are received before 9:30 am.

We also recommend that you include an itemized description of the pieces you are sending in (e.g., 3 sweaters, 2 jackets, etc.), including other notes such as repair requests that you wish to provide. You can use your own form or our Parkway Customer List, and our drivers can provide you with some 2-part versions of this form for future needs.

Please call us by 9:30am for same day Pickup service.

Please check this Delivery Zone Day Chart before scheduling a pickup:

delivery zone chart

*Since we hand spot, often air-dry and hand finish all pieces, we prefer a one-week return whenever possible, but we can certainly accommodate faster turnarounds when needed.

Also, a nominal $20 delivery fee will be assessed in cases where we cannot clean or repair any of the items we receive or the customer decides not to have any of the work done.

Return Method:DeliveryHold At Store

Special notes or instructions about this order:
(repairs requested, one-time changes of address for pick-up or delivery, etc.):

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